Single Membership

Application Procedure

Please fill in the appropriate digital admission form (see link below) and provide a covering letter outlining your reasons for wishing to join the Club;

Provide the names of your two Member ʻsponsors’;

Include a letter of introduction from one of your ʻsponsors’. The letter must indicate the sender’s identity, the reasons for their recommendation and the applicantʻs motives for joining the Club;

The Club will email you to acknowledge receipt of your digital application. Once you have received this email, please print it out and send it to the MAC (at the address below), together with a cheque covering the relevant one-time joining fee and annual membership subscription.

The Club will inform you by email of the date at which the Admissions’ Committee will review your application;

Finally, a letter will notify you of the decision of the Admissions’ Committee. (If, for any reason, your application is turned down, your cheque will of course be returned.)

Please feel free to ask us any questions about the application process. Fill out the contact form on this website, email or call us on +377 97 77 16 73.


Lead Applicant


Title 1st


Title 2nd


First Name*






Email* (this is where you will receive the confirmation of your membership application and any future correspondence)



Date of birth (ddmmyy)*


Monaco Resident*

(If not a Monaco Resident we will need a Criminal Record Background Check dated less than 3 months)*

Profile Photo (jpg, png)*

Proof of Identity (Passport / Carte de Sejour / I.D. Card)*

Admin / P.A. Name

Admin / P.A. Email (a copy of the confirmation of your membership application and any future correspondence will be sent to this email address)

Admin / P.A. Mobile



Nature of Business*

Business Name*

Your position






About me

Please provide a brief career history*

What do you think you will bring to Monaco Ambassadors Club?*



Your application needs to be endorsed by 2 active members of the club

Name of Sponsor*

Letter of Recommendation*

Second Sponsor Name*


Our membership team will be in touch directly with your proposers to confirm their recommendation. Click submit to send your application.

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