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Our History

With the encouragement of HSH Princess Grace of Monaco, The Monaco Ambassadors Club was born. Our founding members from over 40 countries established the club in 1973, to uphold and promote the Principality of Monaco throughout the world. Today, under the Honorary Presidency of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, our members continue to act as ambassadors not only of their own culture but of Monegasque culture too. With such a rich history and diverse network of members, the MAC continues to actively bring together communities of different backgrounds and cultures whilst maintaining political and religious neutrality, in the spirit of international friendship and cooperation.

Our Mission

Through its network, members of the MAC promote the Principality of Monaco throughout the world. By drawing global attention to Monaco’s continuing endeavours – particularly in the areas of well-being, sports, culture, environment, technology, business, communications and trade – we not only raise awareness of what the Principality can offer, but also share the values of our extraordinary home with others.

The Board

The Board of Directors is made up of club members who execute their roles for free. The Board represents The MAC by promoting diversity in its profile; culture, language, gender, life experience and commitment to both Monaco and our Club are some of the criteria used to consider candidates for membership of the Board, along with expertise, enthusiasm and the ability to contribute to the advancement of the MAC.

HSH Prince Albert II

Honorary President

Christian Moore


Mike Powers

Vice President

Luc Leleux


Alessandra Sparaco

General Secretary

Riccardo Giraudi

Board of Directors

Christian Eidem

Board of Directors

Eric Brundage

Board of Directors

Jean-Paul Goodwin

Board of Directors

Mark Sandel

Board of Directors

Catherine Bernaz

Club Manager

Manon Delpont

Projects & Events Manager