Member choice

To become a new member of the Monaco Ambassadors Club (MAC) you will first need to choose which membership type you would like to apply for : Individual, Couple or Benefactor. 

Once you have chosen and filled in the appropriate application form you will then need to have two sponsors sign who are current members of MAC. Please attach all the documents requested for your online application, including your motivation letter and mentor sponsor’s letter of recommendation.

When you have completed the online form, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your digital application while waiting to receive your payment. MAC will send you an email to inform you when your application will be submitted to the Admissions Committee for review, a letter will then notify you of the Admissions Committee’s decision when it is made.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the application form or the process either at or by calling us on +377 97 77 16 73.

Membership as a Single
One Time Joining Fee: € 2,500 + Annual Membership €3,000
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Membership as a Couple
One Time Joining Fee: € 2,500 + Annual Membership €5,000
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Membership as a Benefactors (formerly corporate)
Exclusively available to businesses in Monaco or Globally
One Time Joining Fee: € 3,500 + Annual Membership €15,000
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The MAC is a non-profit organisation dependent on your joining fees, annual membership payments, and your donations.
Your joining fees and annual membership cover a significant part of our operating and event expenses.
Please note that all travel programs and some fundraising Galas are not included as they are special access opportunities made available to our members by the MAC.

Benefactor Members may have a table of up to 6 guests at each event included in their Membership. Depending on the circumstances this may be increased as paying guests, the same conditions apply for other events such as conferences.

Benefactors Members may count on our expert network to organize events in order to assimilate them into MAC events or create separate focused events that are consistent with the MAC’s Mission Statement.

Benefactors Members may communicate and advertise their message to the MAC Community via our website or an event when coordinated with the MAC administration. This must be done in a formal manner in compliance with our Club Rules and By-Laws. Benefactors Members’ logo is included on our media wall at events, Galas and on our website with a link to the Benefactors Members’ website.

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