Application for Membership

If you would like to become a Member of the Monaco Ambassadors Club (MAC), you will first need to choose which type of membership you would like to apply for:

Single, Couple or Benefactor.


Membership as a Single
One Time Joining Fee: € 2,500 + Annual Membership €3,000
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Membership as a Couple
One Time Joining Fee: € 2,500 + Annual Membership €5,000
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Membership as a Benefactor (formerly Corporate)
Exclusively available to businesses in Monaco or Globally
One Time Joining Fee: € 3,500 + Annual Membership €15,000
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The MAC is a non-profit organisation that is dependent on all our Membersʼ one-off joining fees, annual membership payments and donations, which cover a significant part of our operating and event expenses.

Memberships run annually (from January to December) and cover the admission costs for all the MACʼs private events except travel programmes and fundraising Galas.

Each applicant requires an introduction by two ʻsponsors’, both of whom must be active Members of the MAC.

Benefactors’ Benefits

Benefactor Memberships are exclusively available to businesses based either in Monaco or elsewhere. Benefactors’ annual memberships cover the admission cost for any private Club event, to which each Benefactor Member may also bring up to six guests at no extra charge, so providing access to friends and associates of their choice.

Benefactor Members may count on our expert network and use our distinguished set of contacts to organise private events and to assimilate them into Club occasions, or to arrange other functions with themes that are consistent with the MAC’s Mission Statement.

Our private online space is an efficient tool for Benefactor Members which allows them to communicate and make private announcements to the MAC community via our website when coordinated with the MACʼs administration. This must be done in a formal manner, in compliance with our Club Rules and Bylaws. Benefactor Members’ logos are included on our media wall at events, Galas and on our website, which includes a link to each Benefactor Memberʼs own website.

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