About The Club

The Monaco Ambassadors Club operates primarily in the Principality of Monaco and seeks to provide the best services and experiences to our members possible. To do this we consider local suppliers when possible and on exception foreign suppliers. The quality of the services and experiences we offer our Members is linked to the quality of our suppliers.


The Monaco Ambassadors Club selects suppliers based on many factors such as their reputation, their guarantees, past experience and a variety of other experiential factors.

We endeavor to work with suppliers that support these and that contribute to the success ofour efforts.


Our Code of Ethics starts with how we treat other people, the environment and how we address the pressing issues that are of interest and concern to our members and the Principality of Monaco.

The Golden Rule of treat others as we would have others treat us is the basis our Ethics Code on a personal level.


As a non-profit organisation our Code of Conduct strives to further the interests and comply with our bylaws and adjust them to adapt to the changing world we live in, the needs of the Club and that of our members.

We all aim to treat all our constituents with dignity and consideration. We respect the various protocols that exist in the various contexts in which we function.

The Board

The Board of Directors consists of Club Members that execute their roles for free. It aims to represent its constituents by integrating diversity in its profile. Culture, language, gender, life experience and commitment to both Monaco and our club are some of the criteria used to consider Board Membership candidates. Capabilities, willingness and ability to contribute to the Club are also factors of consideration.

HSH Prince Albert II HSH Prince Albert II Honorary President
Christian Moore Christian Moore President
Mike Powers Mike Powers Vice President
Christian-Alexander Rosengart Christian-Alexander Rosengart Treasurer & Head of Corporate Department
Alessandra Sparaco Alessandra Sparaco General Secretary
Mark Sandel Mark Sandel Board of Directors
Michael Lanteri Michael Lanteri Board of Directors
Kostadin Yanev Kostadin Yanev Board of Directors
Catherine Bernaz Catherine Bernaz Club Manager
Manon Delpont Manon Delpont Assistant Club Manager




Sirdar Aly Aziz
Mr Farah Moshiri
Lady Monika Bacardi
Lady Tina Green
Mr Michael-Reza Pacha
Mr Michael Lanteri
Mr Kostadin Yanev
Mr Christian-Alexander Rosengart
Mr Guiseppe Boglio
Mrs Olivia long-Gaynor

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