The Monaco Ambassadors Club

Thereʼs no place quite like Monaco. And there’s no club quite like the Monaco Ambassadors Club.
The Monaco Ambassadors Club (the MAC) was established with a clear purpose:
to deepen connections between its Members and Monaco, and between Monaco and the rest of the world.
In Monaco, we feel we have mastered the art of living. At the MAC, we aim to share that art, while focusing primarily on the environment, health, culture and sports.

A Message from HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Honorary President of the Monaco Ambassadors Club

“For nearly five decades, the Monaco Ambassadors Club has brought together those who wish actively to promote the Principality of Monaco’s international reputation.  

Thanks to its prestigious network – comprising members of the government and the diplomatic and consular corps, plus world-renowned public figures, multinationals and high-flying businesspeople – the MAC offers its Members the opportunity to embrace an international vision of society from the small but influential and cosmopolitan enclave of Monaco.

When the MAC was first established, it was the desire of my mother, HSH Princess Grace of Monaco, to assemble a rich blend of cultures to which each Member would bring a particular dynamic, and for each Club Member to become an emissary of the Principality. These remain the Club’s principle aims to this day.”

Photo © Gaetan Luci / Palais Princier


The Monaco Ambassadors Club’s community may have grown over the years thanks to its privileged network of close and trusted relationships, but there’s one thing its members all still share to this day; passion.

A passion for Monaco. A passion for its ruling family. A passion for the stability and quality of life that one can only enjoy in this most unique of principalities.

Our community draws great strength from the diversity of its membership. With such a broad and vibrant range of nationalities, faiths, interests, and expertise amongst our members, we like to think that our Club embodies the same unmistakeable vibrancy and generosity of spirit that Monaco has long been famous for.


Though we are an exclusive club, we are proud of the diversity to be found amongst our membership network.

As well as spanning multiple national, linguistic and cultural borders, our members hail from an extensive range of industrial and service sectors.

Over the years, we have established and maintained strong relationships with many local and foreign clubs which we believe are of a stature equal to our own.


The Monaco Ambassadors Club enjoys a strong tradition of creating exceptional events in the most exclusive locations for our members.

Our annual Goodwill Gala is one of the most prestigious events in the Principality’s already impressive social calendar. Each year, a diploma is awarded to one unique individual whose outstanding contributions to Monaco and to their professional field have earned them the honorary role of goodwill ambassador.

With this, our glamourous summer parties and the never-to-be-missed Christmas gala, The Monaco Ambassadors Club’s network of unforgettable events ensures a dynamic and vibrant social life all year round.




Sirdar Aly Aziz
Mr Farhad Moshiri
Lady Bacardi
Lady Green
Mr Michael-Reza Pacha
Mr Michael Lanteri
Mr Kostadin Yanev
Mr Giuseppe Boglio
Mrs Olivia Gaynor-Long

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