The Monaco Ambassadors Club deepens the connections between its members and Monaco and between Monaco and the world.

We focus on the environment, health, culture, sportsmanship and the quality of life Monaco offers.


Provide our members with information, experiences and opportunities to deepen their knowledge and experiences with Monaco to share these with their friends, family, business partners and social networks around the world.

Geographically, we further The Principality of Monaco’s visibility through-out Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, the Americas, Africa and Asia. By Areas of Interest we further the Principality of Monaco’s visibility of activities that take place here in health, sports, culture, environment, new technologies, a broad range of business services, communications and global trade in services, commodities, and finished goods.

The Monaco Ambassadors Club will continue its long heritage of being a permanent meeting forum for international and local actors. Club Members promote Monaco at all times in all places, as appropriate. The Monaco Ambassadors Club promotes its members interests amongst the club members and our global connections.

“Local Heritage with Global Opportunities & Responsibilities”


The Monaco Ambassadors Club’s Community has grown through privileged relationships amongst family and friends to broader networks of people sharing a similar passion for Monaco and the ruling family and the stability and quality of life that one can enjoy in Monaco whiles pursing one’s global aspirations.

The diversity of our membership’s interests and experiences create an exciting community. We are also diverse in our nationalities, faiths, interests and expertise.


The membership network is multi-national, lingual and cultural. Active in several industrial and service sector areas this network is extensive.

The Monaco Ambassadors Club also has and continues to develop its relationships with local and foreign clubs that are of similar stature.


The Monaco Ambassadors Club creates tailor made and festive events in exclusive locations for our members.
Five Keynote Events are organized by the Monaco Ambassadors Club every year in Monaco. One International Event is organized every year. Special Exclusive Thematic Events are organized throughout the year.

The Monaco Ambassadors Club also has and continues to develop its relationships with local and foreign clubs that are of similar stature.




Sirdar Aly Aziz
Mr Farah Moshiri
Lady Monika Bacardi
Lady Tina Green
Mr Michael-Reza Pacha
Mr Michael Lanteri
Mr Kostadin Yanev
Mr Christian-Alexander Rosengart
Mr Guiseppe Boglio
Mrs Olivia long-Gaynor

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